Digitization - An Imperative

Every company in every industry will be heavily influenced by the digitization megatrend, by the year 2020, an entire generation will have grown up in a primarily digital world. There will be more number of devices on the planet than humans. Reinventing the IT function to deliver digital can provide a new competitive advantage for all industries. There is no pre-defined process for digitization-every transformation is different.



The mobile app development platform market continues to grow, evolve and mature in response to escalating customer requirements. We offer a range of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that provides agility to Businesses and customers. We assess, plan and develop a sound strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals. Our mobility solutions offers various business roles a simple, easy-to-use experience and works across multiple devices - Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone.

Our mobility practice is focuses on SAP Mobility solutions and provides an innovative delivery model. Based on your requirements, we work with you to develop the mobility strategy and enable to quickly and easily access the most frequently used SAP applications through mobile terminals and work with them in a more efficient way. With the expertise that we possess, we work with clients to develop mobility strategies and design mobility solutions.

Cloud Services

Enterprises of all kinds need to respond to the cloud opportunity for greater agility, flexibility, innovation and cost-effectiveness. In nearly every industry, Cloud has become the core of many long-term business strategies. Choosing the right technology and the right partner to design and implement a sound cloud-strategy is vital.

We help global businesses in becoming intuitively digital by using the cloud as part of a foundation to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating richer, more meaningful customer experiences. Our consultants work with you to assess the suitability of your applications for the cloud, select the right platforms, and define a business relevant cloud strategy and roadmap for transformation and growth.

Cost effective
Improved mobility
Easy Access to Information
Capital-expenditure Free
Quick Deployment

Omni Channel Enablement

Omni channel is not about the technology. Rather, it's about finding the best outcome for customers. To achieve success, IT and business must work together to solve customer problems. Omni-channel marketing is about delivering a more interactive, personalized brand experience that goes beyond isolated behaviour and where the consumer is reached through all possible touch points or channels. Omni-channel helps break down the barriers between the various channels to meet the increased complexity of orders coming from brick-and-mortar, showrooms, online channels, and mobile among others.

We take a balanced approach and drive decisions from the cost perspective as well as technology utility perspective. We also help businesses continuously redesign and evolve their businesses adhering to the changing market scenario using technology to enable them serve customers better by enhancing the touchpoints of the business with the potential markets. We understand the current market scenario and know the importance of having an effective approach; so we enable our clients to offer their customer with a seamless and hassle-free experience whether the customer is functioning online, from a desktop or a mobile device, by telephone or in a mortar store. We enable organizations to garner their businesses to cater to the ever evolving markets.

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Internet-of-Things (IoT)

When the milk container tells you that it is soon going to be empty, then it is IoT technology that is at work.

The Internet of Things is a scenario where objects, animals, or people obtain unique IDs to automatically exchange data with each other over networks.

In 2020, as many as 26 billion devices will have been connected to the Internet, producing 40 billion GBs of data per annum. The added value to be generated by IoT is estimated at U.S. $ 1.9 billion.

Our IoT Services :
  • Creative IoT Workshps
  • IoT System Integration
  • Product Design
  • SW Engineering
  • Process Design
  • Information Security
  • Technological Concepts

Four stage approach:

The way business function is going to change radically. It has become vital to scale up your business with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud. We at Wurth IT can help you realize your IoT goals sooner which will transform your existing business processes and help your business create value which will augment your business and customer experience.