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Unmatched Efficiency: Amplifying Performance With Purpose-Built SAP Services

Driving game-changing SAP solutions for Wurth Organization, making them the cornerstone of limitless efficiency and high-impact growth.

Redefining Business Strategy With Our SAP Solutions

As an SAP Gold Partner, we provide consultancy, support, and services to Wurth Organization, understanding that SAP solutions are the key to unlocking the doors of digital value. Agile solutions and predictive operations drive the digital core of our apps. They help optimize business operations and drive user engagement through insight-driven analytical solutions. With Wurth IT, Wurth Organizations can seamlessly integrate their business strategy, intelligence, and back-office systems with SAP solutions.

The Digital Core

The entire value chain is digitized, including the digital core. The digital enterprise interconnects every aspect of the value chain to drive and anticipate business outcomes in real-time. Companies across Wurth Organization can lead their digital transformation journey's by completely reimagining their business models and processes.

Powerful and Integrated Ecosystem

EDI-converter from Seeburger
EDI-converter from Seeburger
Adobe Document-Server
Adobe Document-Server
SWIFT Gateway
SWIFT Gateway
Archive Solutions
Archive Solutions
SAP Portal
SAP Portal
WS1 Ecosystem
Our SAP Solutions

SAP Service & Consulting

We assist Wurth Organization with SAP license procurement, provide ERP and BI solutions, streamline processes with Enterprise Portal services, enhance project outcomes through management and consulting, and customize SAP systems to meet specific needs.

ERP System - Wurth System One

Wurth System One (WS1) is a custom ERP system based on SAP, designed for Wurth Organization's specific needs. It enhances efficiency, fosters productivity, and boosts competitiveness. Its effectiveness is proven by its successful deployment in around 90 international Wurth installations.


SAP S/4HANA is a future-ready ERP with AI and machine learning, transforming business processes with intelligent automation and supporting digital transformation in Wurth Organization by digitizing the entire value chain.

SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS)

SAP AMS maintain and enhance SAP environments, including support and help desk services. This includes BTW, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance and support.

Add-On Services

Electronic Account Statement

Helps Wurth Organization master the flood of entries with the electronic account statement. All entries can be mapped electronically in the electronic account statement.

Value-added Tax ID Check

Enables EU-wide suppliers in Wurth Organization to automatically check the value-added tax ID and the addresses of their customers.

Authorization Template

Added system security and reduction of costs via authorization templates. Maintains authorizations through practical templates within a manageable period of time.

Output Framework

Drives simplified and systemized development of forms. The output framework increases customization options and ensures structured form development.

Sales Cockpit

The Sales Cockpit, tailored explicitly for customer order processing, is a customizable tool allowing each Wurth company to adjust the order entry process according to specific needs.

Purchasing Cockpit

Designed to optimize procurement processes. By fully exploiting the capabilities of modern procurement management in the SAP environment, Wurth Organization companies can maximize their procurement strategies.

Sales Monitor

Facilitates critical sales information sharing at any time. Salespeople across the Wurth Organization can easily track an extensive selection of sales documents.

MRP Matrix

Make the daily tasks of MRP controllers easier. Alternative access to the MRP list with user-specific defaults and a self-explanatory interface places data at the MRP controllers‘ disposal in a modern and flexible way.

Checkpoint Case Calculation

Companies in Wurth Organization can precisely assess how to pack most efficiently, reducing the required packing materials, shipping and transportation costs, and overall packing time.